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After the count...

Yesterday, Nevada and friends finally finished counting all of the wonderful mail in ballots officially announcing the new president and vice president elect for the US.

This is not a political post. It is a "selfcare" and "right now - now what" kind of post.

To be clear though, I'm happy as heck that Donny T. will no longer be in office, and I'm over the moon that the new Madam VP is a brown woman, who is also a soror. (Skee to the mickyficky wee y'all!) #aka #AlphaKappaAlpha

This last week was intense, and I was avoiding crowds like... well, like there was an international pandemic going on *side-eye*, and like the collective energy was a hot mess of a lot to manage. So, long story short, I avoided people and only went out when necessary. And yet, fear, worry, anxiety, and stress were all mounting as the days progressed. Now that the election is finally done, I have set my focus and intention on this coming week, and how I want to approach it.

#Fall has finally found it's way to the west coast (for this, I am grateful! *grabs sweater and hot tea*) and as the season changes, it feels fitting that my focus should, as well.

This week, I am getting back to basics. Finding balance, focusing on nourishment of self, pouring energy into the essentials of food + water, seeking all things that shed some light + awareness to my insides (how I feel + why), and in the stillness making some room for hope.

This past week has me feeling off balance. As much as I have enjoyed some of the memes, gifs, and celebratory news coverage, the overall impact of the week has me outside myself and taking in a lot of messages and energy from outside of me. Hence, off balance.

What I'm doing to get back to me + back in balance:

- Cooking (#yasss I have roasted every vegetable I can get my little hands on! #squashseason)

- Hydrating (I have been carrying around a bottle of water and endeavoring to refill it 3x a day. I've only knocked it over twice. This is progress.)

- Yoga

- Journaling to get all of the thoughts floating (flying? yeah this week they've been more flying than floating) around in my head out so I can examine them. It's one of the best ways that I have found to make sense of what I'm thinking and feeling. It helps to sort out the things that are important, the things that aren't, some things that aren't even mine, and the all important "what I want" list.

- Oiling with the following #essentialoils : Balance + Litsea

Balance is a blend that is aptly named because it helps to ground me and helps me take a deep breath.

Litsea helps to clear things and move stagnation. Think sage, but more refreshing and uplifting.

For women of color, this week was a huge win. But for all of us that are paying attention, the battle is by no means over. Take this moment to regroup. To love on you and reconnect. To give yourself permission to unplug from social media and the news for a moment, to sort out and honor how you feel and what you need in this moment, right now.

You can still build, and hold, fire while releasing the things that do not serve you.

Rest sis. It will make you stronger, not weaker. It will allow you to focus on what your heart is telling you is true instead of the noise or focus of others.


This week's yoga classes are centered around releasing the vibration of this past week in order to reconnect to yourself, and your focus, with clarity. Click here>> to sign up for a class.


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