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My dog is secretly an angel.

Have you ever looked into a dog’s eyes and felt like, dang… it’s almost like you’re a person your eyes are so soulful? If you answered no, you’ve never looked into the eyes of a labradoodle. It’s kind of unnerving.

But whatever, if you haven’t, this is all gonna sound weird anyway.

If you have, then you feel me.

So, I have had such an experience, so much so that I did a bunch of research on labradoodles because I wanted such a soulful, cute, fluffy, hypoallergenic creature myself. However, I just couldn’t bring myself to invest in something that ate so much but wasn’t even remotely protective. Give and take, no?

Well, imagine my surprise when I found a pair of soulful eyes staring back at me from the giant T-rex like head of a pit bull named Miko.

If you’re new to our story, here’s what I posted the day I decided to choose him:

“The first night that I brought this giant home I was secretly a little terrified. I white knuckled our first walk to the point that my hand ached and his neck was raw, which brought me to tears.

But I was committed because I could feel that he was special and I was determined to find him the perfect home.

His patience with me and my spoiled little tyrant has been life-changing. As the weeks passed and each interested family ultimately decided that he wasn’t a good fit, we breathed and adjusted to each other. Rohan even has a crate now, that he happily goes in! Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks!

Life with Miko has required me to become present like no other thing has. I am constantly reminded of my energy and my power to impact moments. I have been given the opportunity to work through anxiety, which I didn’t even know that I had. In truth I saw myself as rather calm and collected. But… well let’s just say that’s not always true.

He is teaching me that if I just slow down, take a deep breath and be open to a moment, that everything can change. That if I get clear on the outcome that I want, it can absolutely happen. And that my energy and impact are so much bigger than I ever imagined.

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that what I’m experiencing is not the typical “man’s best friend “ story. My life is ever unfolding just the way that it should, and Miko is now a fixed part of that story.

I’m so glad that Crystal took that walk, on that day, and was trusting and open enough to take in the giant that followed her home. And I’m even more grateful for her trust in me that I was capable and worthy of giving him a home.”

*insert all the tears*

Fast forward 6 months. All sorts of life changes (including an unexpected move that included a yard!) and many obedience classes later, Miko and I were still fumbling forward in our quest to establish who is leading, who is following, and who’s anxiety is driving the whole shebang.

*Spoiler Alert* it is always mine.

Miko hasn’t always had it easy and abuse and living on the street have definitely left their mark. He has anxiety, too. But mine drives his.

Truth: I didn’t even know I had anxiety until he came into the picture.

This is why I say my dog is secretly an angel. He’s not just a part of my journey, he’s a part of my healing journey.

6 months after choosing him I’m still learning so much about him and even more about myself. He responds to me without judgment. He’s consistent. He doesn’t hold grudges. And he loves big. I would never have guessed in a million years I would be the proud mama of a pit bull. Or that I would learn so much in such a short time from one. But here I am, shaking my head and saying “Thanks, God” for yet another blessing I never saw coming.

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