Copaiba - A healing powerhouse

Copaiba Essential Oil

Copaiba Essential Oil is one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients on the planet. Copaiba oil’s most prominent application is in reducing pain and inflammation anywhere on the body, and even inside it. Although it is very strongly anti inflammatory,doTerra's version of this is safe to be taken internally.


Copaiba oil comes from trees in the genus Copaifera, which are leguminous trees, commonly found in Amazon rainforest (South America).

These are the effects which it produces upon consumption, or application.

  • Anti – Inflammatory – It is widely touted as the best anti-inflammatory substance.

  • Cicatrizant – promotes healing of injuries by faster formation of scar or scab

  • Disinfectant – assists in cleaning out wounds, scrapes etc to prevent any infection by pathogens.

  • Emollient – fancy word for moisturizers

  • Astringent – shrinks skin tissue ( this has several cosmetic applications, as we shall see below )

  • Expectorant – aids in expelling phlegm

  • Anti Cancer to certain cancers, like skin cancer and stomach cancer

  • Diuretic

  • Hypotensive – aids in lowering blood pressure

  • Anti-Irritant

Uses and health benefits I've experienced

Copaiba essential oil has a plethora of uses, but so far I'll share what I've experimented with and that has mostly been it's topical applications and internal uses as I use it to fight pain associated with a tumor in my chest. I take it internally 8-10 drops, 2-3 times a day and I rub it over the place on my lower chest that hurts. It takes the burning feeling away particularly when I am laying down. It also helps ease the anxiety associated with pain.

Acne and Skin Issues that are hormone related:

I've been using it on my combination skin and it helps with excess oil and it doesn't aggravate my skin, which is on the sensitive side.

  • Put 2 drops on a cotton ball and apply it directly (without diluting) on active acne. It shouldn’t sting. Wait for 2 – 3 hours. Due to its super anti-inflammatory power, it reduces redness around the acne, making it much less noticeable. Use this trick daily and acne should be much less inflamed.