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Retreats & Events


The next retreat is Spring 2020

Our retreats are designed for you to find a safe space to breathe.

We provide you with a blended experience that combines yoga, movement, breath, mediation, sharing, and self reflection.

You will experience the facilitation of setting your intention, guided meditation, group discussions, and so much more.

Through this experience you will learn:

~ How to connect to yourself.

~ How to connect with others.

~ How to be still.

~ How to breathe.

~ How to heal.

Expect yoga (for all levels), affirmations, laughter, tears, and new ways to see and love yourself completely.

Custom Healing Circles

Healing Circles are customizable relationship strengthening and repairing, team building experiences that we co-create based on your needs and goals. We will facilitate exercises and discussions to provide participants with tools and a foundation. 

Whether you're a group of girlfriends wanting a special girls' night, a family that's open to a new type of bonding experience, or a professional organization that wants to take your team building to the next level, Healing Circles are ideal for building relationships intentionally.

Sisterhood Healing Circle

The Sisterhood Healing Circle is a shared experience that celebrates women, self-care, movement and breath. When women come together to hold space for each other, reflect, share, and empower, healing happens. Through guided activities, poses, group sharing, and self-reflection time participants will gain tools to practice self-care and facilitate their own healing.

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