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Ashley's Story

Hi, I'm Ashley ~

My holistic health journey started in 2008. After seeing multiple doctors to try and address health issues that literally had me falling asleep mid-sentence at work, I finally found resources that started to make sense. Within a few months time I was introduced to an amazing acupuncturist, I found a fitness community, and I attended my first doTERRA essential oils class. All of these things together radically changed (*saved*) my life.


I was also gifted a yoga practice, which helped me find my breath.

Take a deep breath.

No, a real one.

Let your belly fill up with air and pause for a moment before parting your lips and letting it all out.

Kinda magical, right?

I finally found a space where that incessant internal monologue was quiet. My mat became a sacred space and it is my passion to share that gift with others; particularly women of color. In 2017 I achieved the goal of becoming a certified yoga instructor. So, now I can be a part of giving this gift to others.

In 2019 I added a Reiki Level 1 certification to my toolkit that has unlocked a whole new space of accessing my own intuition and healing. My reiki practice has developed into a unique hybrid of energy work, reiki, and intuitive sharing/reading.

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